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Go. There’s nothing stopping you!

on February 16, 2011

I met with a gal today who commented that she liked what she had read in one of my blog posts about pursuing your passion and/or “answering the call of your heart” vocationally.  She said “that was the push I needed to begin to move forward on this business I’ve had in the back of my mind for several years.”  I’ve made the decision. Now what?  This is why she wanted to meet with me.  I’ve never met her before.  She found me thru my LinkedIn network.  She’s had some great success in her life and she’s ready to begin the next season. 

I love hearing that someone was moved to action by those words.  I know everybody’s circumstances are different and we can’t all just “jump ship” on our corporate job or current career or whatever and chart a new course.  My point is that the longer you put off putting the pieces in place, the longer it’ll take to make it happen once you finally decide to get out of your comfort zone and pursue that calling.  Lots of people have been pursuing their heart’s desire on the side for years.  As a hobby or maybe a “little part-time business”.   I met a gal a couple of weeks ago who finally left the banking industry (after 30 years) and is pursuing her passion as a personal chef.  The excitement in her eyes and passion in her voice as she talked about finally making the decision to go after it was great to experience.  She mentioned that she’d had a passion for and a dream to start this business for years but got carried along by the stream of life in the comfort zone (versus the fast lane I guess) at the bank. 

I can’t wait to talk to her a year from now.  2 years from now.  5 years from now.  What will you be doing then?  Lamenting that you wish you’d done___________________and feeling like it’s too late?  

So I ask:  “What’s stopping you from getting what you want?”  Or maybe “who” is the better question.


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